MGJ Mission statement:

MGJ is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization that provides advance directives, estate planning and related legal education to medical facilities and individuals across Montana.

Specific target groups Montana Generational Justice serves:
  • Individuals eighteen years and older;
  • Native Americans;
  • Veterans; and
  • Medical facilities.

Types of services provided by MGJ:

  • On-site clinics: Clinics supported through grant funding to complete advance directives at no cost to participants.

  • Zoom/Phone clinics: One-on-one clinics conducted by phone or online using the Zoom platform, which allows face-to-face interactions.  These clinics are supported by grant funding or MGJ's Modest Means Program.

  • Sponsorship clinics: Clinics are financially supported through an organization or entity (such as hospitals or medical facilities) to complete advance directives.

  • Modest Means clinics: These clinics focus on a full range of estate planning documents: both Durable Powers of Attorney for health care and financial; basic or advanced Will; Transfer on Death Deed or TODD (formerly called Beneficiary Deed); and Declaration of Homestead. The Modest Means Program will address both completing new and/or updating documents.

For more information on MGJ Services contact: (406) 422-3904 

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