Modest Means Program

Studies have shown that the cost of paying an attorney to develop estate planning documents can be a significant impediment to a vast majority of people.  As a response to this issue, MGJ has developed the Modest Means Program to increase access to estate planing documents. MGJ uses a per-document rather than a per-hour fee structure.  Below are the fees charged, depending on your income.  See the 2020 Federal income level chart to determine which category you fall into.

Document                  Rates based on Percentage of Federal Income Levels

Advance Directives


Simple Will:


















Above 250%





$250/person or


Advance Directives include the Durable Powers of Attorney health care and finances

TODD is the Transfer on Death Deed (formerly Beneficiary Deed)

DH is the Declaration of Homestead

To see individual income ranges, click here.

For more information on developing estate planning documents, contact  MGJ at: (406) 422-3904 

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